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Don’t get mixed up in your brand consistency. When your audience glances at your post or billboard they should recognize it immediately. Keep reading to learn what to do and not do when preparing your next post.

Your logo is not a brand.

Brands and Logos commonly get mixed up, however, the brand is the customer’s experience with the entity, while the logo is the entity’s mark. Logos have many purposes and benefits associated with them. Below is a list of the purpose and benefits of a logo.

What should your branded logo include?

  • Brand Recognition/Personality
    The Logo is usually the first thing noticed about a business and can project the personality of the entity.
  • Professionalism
    Having a logo helps show an established entity and gives the public a sense of being a legit entity.
  • Product Branding
    People wearing or advertising your brand through the logo builds trustworthiness.
  • Stand Out
    A striking logo will allow an entity to stand out among competitors, resulting in the entity increasing its reach to reel in more customers.
  • Inform Customers
    A picture is worth a thousand words, helps inform the public what the business does and the sector it is in.
  • Loyalty
    More consumers are going to recognize an entity’s logo as it spreads if it’s backed up by value – resulting in increased customer loyalty.

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