What is a Branding Guide?

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A rulebook that clarifies how an association introduces itself to the world through its logo, text style and shading choices, photography and much more. In a sense, it’s a reference framework that keeps up consistency in what a brand looks, feels, and seems like. Utilizing a brand guide guarantees that your image appears to be identical, in any event, when you have various individuals dealing with client support, promoting, structure and deals.

Elements of a Branding Guide

  • 6 Elements of a Brand Identity
    • Voice
      • Brand voice influences how your crowd feels about your brand through the selection of certain words, attitudes, and values
    • Brand Story
      • Storylike rundown of used cases that demonstrates knowledge to the consumer about the brand
    • Logo Guidelines
      • Segment of your image style control, guarantees your logo is used in the manner you expected; identify ratio, sizing, and spacing
    • Color Palette 
      • Characterizing a brand’s palette will go far towards making a reliable look and feel; identifying colors that yield emotion
    • Typography 
      • Regardless of how straightforward or complex your typography is; identify its used cases across your media mix
    • Imagery
      • The aesthetic appearance that represents your brand’s core message
  • Other Brand-specific Needs
    • Can your image function across digital and print media?
    • Are your images properly sized for your social media platforms?
    • Do you sell physical items that require additional print or packaging?

Take your 6 Elements of a Brand Identity, blend them in with your used cases and build yourself a branding guide to keep consistency within your company

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