What is a Brand Guide?

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In this article, we look to prepare you for what to expect when building out your Brand Guide. Brand Guides are important when multiple areas of your business utilize graphics and typography for internal and external communication. For instance, companies that are building out mobile apps with external developers or colleges and universities that have multiple departments need to quickly design and communicate their message should rely on a Brand Guide to achieve that goal.


A rulebook that clarifies how an association introduces itself to the world through its logo, text style and shading choices, photography and much more. In a sense, it’s a reference framework that keeps up consistency in what a brand looks, feels, and seems like. Utilizing a brand guide guarantees that your image appears to be identical, in any event, when you have various individuals dealing with client support, promoting, structure and deals.

Elements of a Branding Guide

  • 6 Elements of a Brand Identity
    1. Voice
      • Brand voice influences how your crowd feels about your brand through the selection of certain words, attitudes, and values
    2. Brand Story
      • Story-like rundown of used cases that demonstrates knowledge to the consumer about the brand
    3. Logo Guidelines
      • Segment of your image style control, guarantees your logo is used in the manner you expected; identify ratio, sizing, and spacing
    4. Color Palette 
      • Characterizing a brand’s palette will go far towards making a reliable look and feel; identifying colors that yield emotion
    5. Typography 
      • Regardless of how straightforward or complex your typography is; identify its used cases across your media mix
    6. Imagery
      • The aesthetic appearance that represents your brand’s core message
  • Other Brand-specific Needs
    • Can your image function across digital and print media?
    • Are your images properly sized for your social media platforms?
    • Do you sell physical items that require additional print or packaging?

Take your 6 Elements of a Brand Identity, blend them in with your used cases and build yourself a branding guide to keep consistency within your company

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