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What is there to know about planning your social media marketing strategy? Visualize, take action, and work your calendar.

Taking the Steps

During the digital age of social media booming and data sharing moving at record speeds, planning out your post calendar has many amazing side-effects.

Creating a calendar allows for maximum exposure and delivering content when most viewers are online.

Benefits of these calendars include:

  • Visualization – What are the Targets?
  • Actionable steps – Setting the Targets
  • Working the calendar – Hitting the Targets


What are the Targets?

How your business will operate with promotions

It’s no secret that the Big Tag brands schedule months in advance.

While it’s winter, here in PA, clothing companies are already preparing for this Fall’s wardrobe.

They create long-term objectives and work the short term, which brings me to my next point…

Setting the Targets

Actionable Steps

What has to happen in a day to hit a week’s goal? A month’s goal? A year’s goal? These examples help define the “One Thing” that serves the highest importance to be communicated to your audience.

For instance, providing daily food specials ahead of time. Any more posts than that is just gravy. (I’m not sorry about my bad puns lol)

Hitting the Targets

Working the Calendar

Imagine playing darts in a funhouse mirror room… That’s a lot like NOT planning promotions and campaigns.


The biggest misconception is that people don’t want to hear from your company.

Only you can throw your own dart… Can you find the target?

Now, go out there and start working that calendar!

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