Push vs Pull Marketing

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What is Push vs Pull Marketing?

Push vs Pull Marketing is a source of marketing that uses two methods that will help with the acquisition of customers.

These include:

  1. Push Method: Bringing your products to customers; businesses normally use this method when:
    1. New product is launched 
    2. Operating in a niche market
    3. Direct advertising is needed
  2. Pull Method: This method focuses more on when customers know what they are looking for along with them searching for benefits themselves; this method is normally used when:
    1. User knows what he or she is looking for and 
    2. Branding is of great importance
    3. Driven by quality, exclusivity, and culture

Examples of Push-Pull Strategies 

  1. Online Push Strategies – Online deals that consist of strategic targeting that incorporates  attractive graphics, video, and messaging tailored to a niche audience; driven by advertising costs
  2. Online Push Examples 
    1. Direct advertising
    2. Direct sales
      1. Cold email
      2. Cold calling
      3. Door-to-door
  3. Pull Strategies – Viral and search (SEO) strategies that influence your ideal customer to accept your brand as a valid buying choice; driven by creative marketing
  4. Online Pull Strategy Examples 
    1. Knowledge-based articles
    2. Current events
    3. Engaging Content (non-advertisement)
  5. Online Pull Platforms
    1. Listings
    2. Reviews
    3. Social Media
    4. Website (SEO)
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