Push vs Pull Marketing

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The push and pull strategy in marketing is useful when acquiring customers. They determine how the customer engages with your product or service.

What is Push vs Pull Marketing?

Push vs Pull Marketing is a source of marketing that uses two methods that will help with the acquisition of customers.

These include:

  1. Push Method: Bringing your products to customers; businesses normally use this method when:
    • New product is launched 
    • Operating in a niche market
    • Direct advertising is needed
  2. Pull Method: This method focuses more on when customers know what they are looking for along with them searching for benefits themselves; this method is normally used when:
    • User knows what he or she is looking for and 
    • Branding is of great importance
    • Driven by quality, exclusivity, and culture

Examples of Push-Pull Strategies 

  1. Online Push Strategies – Online deals that consist of strategic targeting that incorporates  attractive graphics, video, and messaging tailored to a niche audience; driven by advertising costs
  2. Online Push Examples 
    • Direct advertising
    • Direct sales
      • Cold email
      • Cold calling
      • Door-to-door
  3. Pull Strategies – Viral and search (SEO) strategies that influence your ideal customer to accept your brand as a valid buying choice; driven by creative marketing
  4. Online Pull Strategy Examples 
    • Knowledge-based articles
    • Current events
    • Engaging Content (non-advertisement)
  5. Online Pull Platforms
    • Listings
    • Reviews
    • Social Media
    • Website (SEO)

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