Which Social Media Platform?

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Understanding which social media platforms are the most popular or have the most users in your demographic is important when choosing which one to focus on in your marketing mix.

What is Social Media Platforming?

When it comes to reaching out to larger groups of people, social media platforms are looked upon as the most effective. In today’s day in age, almost everyone uses social media in order to follow up on their friends, idols, and even business interests. These platforms will allow for both the connection with the general public along with allowing for the promotion of your business at the same time. With the possibility of being a trending subject, social media platforming will push your business to even higher levels of exposure.

3 important Steps in Choosing a Platform

  1. Define your Target Audience
    • Pay attention to demographics you want to pursue such as age and gender when looking for a platform
  2. Have a Plan
    • Create a strategy, such as creating a posting schedule and branding guidelines
  3. Know your limits
    • It’s good to claim your business on all platforms, but don’t overextend yourself and focus on the priority media

Social Media Platforms to Pursue

  • Twitter
    • 56% male, Average Age:18-29; Posting news but has a short lifespan
    • 47 million monthly users
  • Facebook
    • 54% female, Average Age: All; Building communities/events and promoting services
    • 210 million monthly users
  • Instagram
    • 56% female, Average Age:18-29; Visual branding and personal connections
    • 120 million monthly users
  • LinkedIn
    • 52% male, Average Age:25-54; B2B interactions, but users not as engaged
    • 150 million monthly users
  • Pinterest
    • 80% female, Average Age:40; Blogs & retail business, use images
    • 250 million monthly users

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