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Why Video Editing?

Think of a video like an essay; after writing the first time around, you go back and edit in order to make the essay better and take out the bad and add in good. Videos must also be edited in order to make sure all the best bits are captured in order to get the utmost attention from the audience. This will effectively portray your message to your viewer, especially when your final product is clean, concise, and enjoyable to watch.

Tips for Editing Videos:

  • Know your Limits
    • Technology plays a big part in editing, having equipment that is up-to-date with modern technology allows you to keep up with the competition
  • Keep it organized
    • Staying organized and keeping your files in the right places allows for quicker editing and less hassle
    • Organizing your cuts (in-out; timestamps) enables speedy editing
  • Keep track of your files
    • The future is never predictable, so it’s always good to save your files, making sure your work is always safe
  • Keep it simple
    • Viewers don’t like to see clips jump from one to another; by keeping it simple and inputting good transitions, viewers have an easier time understanding the video
  • Cut it short
    • Learn keyboard shortcuts on your computer to cut out a lot of wasted time, and speed up the completion time on projects

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